M-475-C1, the boots for all body types.

Society has been clamoring for it for a long time. The fashion industry has been criticized for not thinking about all body types. Numerous activists have expressed themselves on social networks complaining about the situation. These profiles, from their networks, give voice and fight every day for people to abandon complexes and reach self-esteem.

From New Rock, we echoed her work and above all, the needs of people with a larger than average physique. As we have learned, the problems that a large person encounters can be different, but undoubtedly the most important is not finding a shoe that does not wear out due to weight.

As New Rock was clear about what they wanted to offer a solution, they proposed the design of a model that would cover all the needs that they had claimed in their publications. M-475-C1 is the name given to the boots that with style and personality has become the most inclusive model in our catalog. A design whose shaft adapts to all sizes of twins, does not squeeze the ankle and molds to any foot, no matter how big it is.

As we have learned thanks to the work of these influencers, without inclusion there is no future and no reality. The M-475-C1 model is for sale at newrock.com and detailed information is also available.

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