The life of new rockers and their New Rock is extremely hard: concerts, parties, trips, but also family meals, excursions, weddings, etc. maintaining such a frenetic pace can obviously make the shoe suffer, collecting dust and dirt. To deal with this possibility, we have devised a practical Boots care kit, which will allow you to always have your companions ready for new adventures.

When designing the kit, we have tried to think about the daily needs of our fans, and for this reason we have structured an offer that includes all shoe models (both dark and light and in different materials). The kit consists of 4 elements:

Now let's move on to how to use it. Everything is very simple: As for the cream, once you have placed the boots on a flat surface, a) you will need to remove the laces
(along with any add-ons).

Once you have completed the first step, b) you will have to gently wipe the entire surface of the shoe to remove excess dust and c) go over it again with the brush to get a deeper clean.

At this point you just have to d) wet the sponge (an integral part of the container) in the cream and pass it evenly over the entire surface of the shoe.

Regarding the cleaner, always follow steps [a] and [b]. Once this is done, you will have to e) pour the liquid into a concave surface - along with a little water - and mix it with the brush until foam is produced. Once the foam is formed, f) you must evenly rub the surface of the shoe (including the platform).

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