It could not be otherwise. On March 4, the fashion venue, Costa Social Club, picked up the parade of fashion designer, Juan Valentin-Gamazo. A seasonless collection totally upcycling and agender in collaboration with New Rock. 


A show in which the aim of the Valladolid designer was to convey the noise, traffic and movement of the neighborhoods without leaving behind the importance of the environmental commitment of the brand. As Juan tells us closely, the immediacy that surrounds us today must be compatible with a timeless and inclusive fashion.


Undoubtedly, he managed to capture his irony, reflections and thoughts in the garments that were complimented by the guests. Looks that at all times were a reflection of the brand's motto: "let's be street". In them, you could find numerous references to the musical work of Amaral, among others.


Denim, macramé, metal sheets and an endless number of techniques and materials, conventional or not, demonstrated a transgressive and empowered vision of the current Spanish fashion from the eye of Juan VG.

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