The owner of this promotion is NEW ROCK SHOES S.L. with registered office in Yecla (Spain), POLIGONO INDUSTRIAL URBAYECLA II.CIF: B30466783 whose purpose is to conduct an online photo contest among its community of followers on the mobile social network Instagram, in which all individuals who meet the conditions may participate established in these bases. Participation in this promotion implies full acceptance of these rules.


All users of the Instagram mobile application who respect the conditions of the network ( can participate in the contest. Participants must be of legal age at the time of their participation in the contest and, if not, present the permission of the legal guardians in which they are allowed to participate. In addition, for the participation to be validated, the profile of the contestant must:

• be public
• follow @newrock on Instagram
• Participants must post their photos in Instagram with the hashtag #newrock_summer and not any other hashtag
• Participants must mention the account @newrock
• Send us the participant photos through DM or via email
• The 106 model should be clearly visible in all its color variations or manufacturing material.
• The submitted works must be original, unpublished and not awarded in any contest or contest.
• Each participant can participate with as many photos as they want within the contest dates. In addition, any content that NEW ROCK SHOES S.L. consider inappropriate, inappropriate or offensive, will not be part of the contest.
• Professional and amateur photographers can participate indistinctly.
• The works can be in black and white or in color and you can use editing programs and retouching of images as well as filters of other applications such as instagram.


The contest is valid for all photographs shared between Friday June 22, 2018 from the moment it is made public on social networks and will end on Friday August 31, 2018 at 12:00. Shared photos will not be accepted outside of these dates.


After the date of completion of the contest, a jury will be formed that will be composed of executives and members of the Design Department with the purpose of designating the winners of the contest.
The jury reserves the right to declare the prizes void if the quality of the photographs and participation is not as expected.


You will get in touch with the winners through Instagram, posting the winning photos and mentioning the author from the profile of @newrock. This publication will be made once the jury fails the winner of one of the prizes, between Friday August 31 and the following week.


A first prize will be awarded to the best published photograph of €1000 in products on our store
In addition, the following 9 best photographs will also be awarded with a prize of €300 in products to choose from on our store


Participants accept, through their participation in this contest, that the contents and comments that are going to be published in this network can be shared with the rest of the users of Instagram and other social networks.

The personal data of the participants will not pass or be part of the treatment files of NEW ROCK SHOES S.L. , will be used solely for the purpose of managing participation in the contest, with the exception of winners / winners who will automatically become part of the customer data file for the provision of prizes and whose purpose, legitimacy and rights are included in our store


The participant declares that the images, photographs or audio-visual recordings presented are original, unpublished and not awarded in any contest or contest.

With the participation in the promotion / contest, which in turn implies tacitly the acceptance of these bases, the participant gives the consent to the PROMOTER / NEW ROCK SHOES S.L. to use your name and image, as well as the photographs participating in your social networks, website or any other graphic or advertising support

The participant with his / her participation in the promotion / contest gives all the rights of exploitation over the images, photographs or audiovisual recordings, both of Intellectual Property and of Industrial Property, to the PROMOTOR / NEW ROCK SHOES SL The assignment of the referred rights will include, in general, all the faculties that allow the economic exploitation, use, disclosure and promotion of "the images, photographs or audio-visual recordings", both directly and indirectly and without limitation of any kind. The participant will have no more right over the "images, photographs or audio-visual recordings" than the moral right derived from its authorship, therefore, neither by itself nor through any third party, publicize, disseminate or perform any other form of exploitation or use of the "images, photographs or audiovisual recordings" object of the promotion / contest presentation or of any other image or photograph that may produce the same general impression.

The transfer of rights of the participant is exclusively to the PROMOTER / NEW ROCK SHOES SL, as well as to all those natural or legal persons to whom it may assign -directly or indirectly- the rights of exploitation and reproduction of the images, photographs or audiovisual recordings that the participant has presented / published for this promotion / contest. Likewise, this assignment is made for an unlimited period of time and has no specific geographical scope, so PROMOTOR / NEW ROCK SHOES SL may use the rights assigned throughout the world, without geographical limitation or social platforms or temporary of any kind.

Once the promotion / contest has ended, the participant may not use the published material without the express consent of PROMOTOR / NEW ROCK SHOES S.L and in no case for a purpose other than the purpose of this promotion.


NEW ROCK SHOES reserves the right to cancel any participation or any participant, if there is suspicion of an incorrect manipulation of the data or the contest. Likewise, it reserves the right to modify at any time the bases of this contest, including its possible cancellation before the deadline, provided that just cause, committing to communicate the new terms, conditions of the contest or definitive cancellation if necessary , well in advance and publicity. Furthermore, it is not responsible for the possible loss of data due to email problems and / or the malfunction of Instagram or the internet. NEW ROCK SHOES excludes any liability for damages of any kind that, despite the security measures adopted, may be due to the improper use of the services and contents by users, and in particular, although not exclusively, for damages and losses of any nature that may be due to the impersonation of the personality of a third party made by a user in any kind of communication made.


They can not participate in the prize that the jury decides:

• Employees of NEW ROCK SHOES S.L., and / or companies, distributors, stores that are involved with the company.
• Direct family members (parents, siblings or children) and spouses of jurors.


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