New Rock presents its most extreme product line

If there is one thing New Rock is known for, it is for not being afraid when it comes to designing its models. There are no limits for the footwear brand. As every year, we present the MPX 2023, the Metallic Power Xtreme, a section that brings together the most daring models of the brand. In it you will find everything from novelties to the most characteristic designs of New Rock. This compilation even includes some of the most iconic models designed in the 90s.

Only the risk taker wins, and this section is for the brave. We all like to follow trends, but in a society where everyone looks like a clone, designs like those of New Rock are what can really give you the personality that everyone is looking for.

If you want to be unique, there are no limits when it comes to studs, chains and bold prints. Without losing its essence, New Rock, like every year, exploits its resources to the maximum. You can find the coolest in this section, so are you ready?

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