Originating from the folk artisan tradition, the models within our Iconic collection were adopted by local rock subcultures and then spread worldwide. Over the decades, they have stood the test of time and fashion, forging an unbreakable bond with their wearers, and became the symbol of entire generations.

Those who choose to wear these models do not wear a simple pair of shoes, but rather represent a style. They wear a story that does not need of time as a concept to be told, they follow paths that, however well-known, never cease to amaze. In this dimension, the time of fashion is cancelled, the object exists beyond the schemes of conformity, because fashion is transitory, but the icon remains.

This week and in the weeks to come, we will be publishing descriptive sheets for each model of the collection in the form of chapters. The final purpose will be to show, through a timeline, the historical development of the brand, highlighting those productions that over the decades have best represented New Rock’s spirit and style.