The life of new rockers and their New Rocks is extremely tough, made up of concerts, parties, travels, but also family meals, excursions, weddings and so on. Maintaining such a hectic pace can make the shoe suffer, leading it to accumulate dust and dirt. To address this possibility, we have designed a practical Boot Care kit that will ensure that all new rockers have their boots ready for new adventures.
In designing the kit, we have tried to think about the daily needs of our customers, therefore structuring an offer that includes all models of shoes (both dark and light and of different materials).
The kit consists of 4 elements: 1) a high-quality synthetic cloth, 2) a crested brush with a wooden sleeve, 3) an eco-shoe cream and 4) an organic foamy cleaner*.
Now let us move on to the conditions of use. It is all quite simple:

  • Concerning the cream, once the boots are placed on a flat surface, a) you will have to remove the laces (together with any accessories).
    After this first step, b) you will have to carefully pass the cloth over the entire surface of the shoe to remove excess dust and c) pass again with the brush in order to obtain a deeper cleaning.
    At this point, all you have to do is dipping the sponge (part of the package) into the cream and wiping it evenly over the entire surface of the shoe.

In relation to the cleaner, you should always follow steps [a] and [b].

Once this is done, you should e) pour the liquid (5-10 ml) onto a concave surface, together with water (30ml), and mix it with the brush until foam forms.
Once the foam has formed you should brush the surface of the shoe evenly (including the platform).