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01 Jul Tik Tok competition
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To kick off our new TikTok profile in the best possible way, we decided to launch our own challenge, in which you will have the chance to win two pairs of boots from the Iconic Collection. These [the boots] will be complemented by two kits@media (max-width: 760px) {#fondo{ background-image..
24 Jun Prelude
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Originating from the folk artisan tradition, the models within our Iconic collection were adopted by local rock subcultures and then spread worldwide. Over the decades, they have stood the test of time and fashion, forging an unbreakable bond with their wearers, and became the symbol of entire gener..
23 Jun Boot Care Kit
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The life of new rockers and their New Rocks is extremely tough, made up of concerts, parties, travels, but also family meals, excursions, weddings and so on. Maintaining such a hectic pace can make the shoe suffer, leading it to accumulate dust and dirt. To address this possibility, we have designed..
23 Jun Attentive to our news
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